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Your career is an important part of your life, right?

What would your life be like if you weren't in a career crisis? Even better, if you knew what to do about your career so that it supported your life goals? If career and your life worked together? It's completely doable. Really. You need to start with a strategy. To schedule a Strategy Session (because You Need A Strategy!) email Or go to the coaching page for a bit more info.

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You Need A Strategy! Step 4. Call Out Your Assumptions

You Need A Strategy! Step 4. Call Out Your Assumptions

Jun 1, 2016 | No Comments

You’re halfway through developing your strategy for managing your career crisis! Congratulations! (If you are coming in halfway, you can catch up here.) It’s time to do a little CYA, because you know what they say about assuming, right? The whole ass-u-me thing? Well, assuming also means that you are basing your entire argument (or […]

You need a Strategy! Step 3. Get Curious

May 25, 2016 | No Comments

Let’s review. What have you done so far? You’ve taken the lead and you’ve pursued clarity. Now you get to go and be curious. If you’re thinking, “that seem like an odd step in creating a strategy. Why does she say to do that?” then I say, “Yay! You’re curious!” I just googled curiosity, and […]

You Need A Strategy! Step 2. Get Clarity

May 22, 2016 | 1 Comment

You don’t just sit down and invent a strategy. You certainly don’t do it in a vacuum; you do it in context. You develop a strategy to help you to navigate life and what it throws at you and to keep going in the direction you want to go. You develop a strategy to be […]

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  • After my corporate job of 22 years was relocated to another state I found myself lost, confused and frustrated about my next career move. I could have moved and stayed with the company but chose not to. While the job had provided a steady income and security, I was no longer learning and growing. I knew this was an opportunity for a fresh start and I didn’t want to just take the easy route and find another unfulfilling corporate job. That’s when I decided to seek out a career coach. I did my research and liking what I heard and read I hired Maggie Huffman. I did myself a huge favor with that decision. Maggie has helped me help myself. And that’s the best thing a career coach can do. Just like any coach, they can give you the tools and show you how it’s supposed to be done, but you have to do the work yourself. Maggie taught me that there is a process to follow in order to get clear on what your next career move will be. I think I was just hoping to wake up one day and have an epiphany and that just wasn’t going to happen. So this idea that there was a process was a great revelation and relief. 

    One of Maggie’s strength is her listening skills. She stays engaged and focused on your unique issues and smartly thinks of appropriate exercises and action plans to help move you forward. There are many commonalities when it comes to people trying to figure out what they want and don’t want in a career. Although Maggie has “heard it all before” when it comes to career crises and even written about it in her books, she also recognizes that no 2 situations are alike. Thank you Maggie for not just listening but really hearing and understanding me, and getting me going in the right direction. Do yourself a huge favor and hire Maggie Huffman as your career coach!

    - Chris Severson

  • Maggie offered me the gift of an Aura Soma session to help me understand the way that color and its energies were subtly influencing my life. The process was new to me, and fascinating. As I saw the beautiful colored bottles, I was drawn to four, and actually, a couple of my choices were quite surprising to me. But Maggie explained that that was quite common.

    Her explanations of how the colors reflected what was going on in my life was spot on, insightfully and compassionately delivered, explaining how each aspect could be either (or both) a blessing or a challenge (aka, opportunity). Just as wonderful was the way Maggie wove what she already knew about me and my current challenges into her interpretation, giving me a firm foundation to move forward on a path shining in the colors of the reading

    - Jeanne Andrus

  • Testimonial

    cyndiHi Lady! I owe you an extra special thank you today. I had the opportunity to pursue becoming a LuLaRoe consultant. I used all of the things we talked about when it comes to intuition and gut feelings and took the leap. Thank you for helping me to build the confidence to make a move like this. ? I appreciate you and the business you’ve built to help people like me get our shit together!

    - Cyndi Richards

  • Testimonial

    jodiYour career doesn’t just affect you

    There is a totally different man living in my house now!! He comes home from work NOT all ramped up or vomiting his day’s stressors. Instead, he’s calm and content and asks about my day. When we talk about his day he shares how nice everyone is, that people are sincerely glad that he joined the team & the company. And he’s learning what being respected by his superiors feels like. Everyone shares that same message: that his role and experience is truly valued, and that they’re excited about what things he can teach them.

    He’s doing fabulous, and I thank you for the support & guidance you provided to Dan! I love it, too, that he’s not dreading going to work, and when he comes home he’s just so damn chill!


    - Jodi Jensen Schuelke

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