Maggie on the podcast circuit…


You can also find all of these on iTunes, but here are the link to the hosts’ websites. They are all fascinating people and great interviewers with a unique perspective. Worth exploring!

MaturePreneurial – Elaine Benoit

Her goal is to support maturepreneurs with a podcast featuring stories from successful entrepreneurs who started their current business after they turned 40.  I want to show not only that it’s possible to be successful, but how.

Ever Better Episode #42
Lisa Conners Vogt – Ever Better You; Ever Better Podcast on iTunes

Lisa helps people take action to lead more fulfilling lives. She’s a life coach and podcast producer who believes you can have a full family life while using your talents, skills and experience in new, fulfilling ways.
Your Working Life
Caroline Down Higgins – Your working Life
Caroline’s iTunes channel:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/your-working-life-caroline/id909681506 (best audio)

Caroline is a career development coach and an inspirational speaker. She wants you to enjoy your career and love your life!

Self Discovery Radio
I talk with Sara Troy about Aura-Soma and more. Here’s the whole page she gave me on her website, the link to the show is about halfway down.