Tell me more about this Life/Career Coaching thing….

Maybe you have read the books. It sounds easy, right? For some, they may have the discipline and self-insight to complete all the tasks in the books. For others, it may take a little more…this is when the Life/Career Coach comes in. It’s not so scary. What exactly is a Life Coach and what do they do?

Life/Career coaching is specific and all about you.

What do you want? Do you want to be happier? Find your purpose? Deal with a career crisis? Make a big change? Create your strategy? Make a plan? Implement your plan? Update your beliefs? Get back on track? Build your confidence? Coaching can help you solve your specific issue, in the context of your life.

What’s the deal with this LIfe/Career coach title?

If we said “Maggie is a Career coach” you would think it’s all about assessments and skills and aptitudes – but that’s a career counselor.  Maggie is a coach who specializes in both career and life. They are just two of the many aspects of a person…but they are big ones. Sometimes career and life seem to be in conflict. Let’s fix that!



Coaching isn’t therapy!
It’s not about reliving all your “stuff”. Don’t want to dig into the bad to get into the good? Then don’t, stay positive. The best part of coaching, or “Talking to Maggie” is that from this point forward…it only gets better!

A Life Coach gives you:
* Education – similar to what you already read in the books, but applied to YOU in the context of your own life and goals
*Tools – a variety of practical and effective things that you can use in your life
*Accountability – yes, we have appointments, goals and a little bit of homework
*Guidance – someone who can lead you through the confusion and call you on your stuff when you need it)
*Support (someone who is in your corner, cares about you and what’s best for YOU

Yes, you have to ask yourself tough questions and do some self-reflection to figure out what is really going on inside your mind, but it is all worth it.

Not all coaches are the same.
Coaches have personalities, experiences and specialties. We have different styles. We use different tools. It’s important to work with someone you trust, who understands you and can help you with your issue.

Why talk to Maggie?
You already know her style and personality. she uses a unique combination of the conventional and the unconventional: coaching techniques, corporate change management strategy, scientific insights with a dollop of spirituality and splash of lightheartedness to make difficult patterns and thoughts easy to change.

She also has a proven methodology – and a collection of tools, exercises and hacks – that help you accomplish what you want to accomplish: craft your strategy, build your plan, implement your plan and deal with any roadblocks that come up!

Maggie offers individual coaching, group coaching programs and some weekend retreat formats. Individual and group coaching can be done via phone, Skype or in person. Phone and Skype work really well!

You will be amazed at how your life transforms from using her techniques. This simple yet perfected formula leaves you thinking…why did I wait this long?!

Not sure yet?