To write a book is a talent, to be able to deliver life changing keynotes and workshops from that book is a gift. Maggie has both the talent and the gift to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE and TRANSFORM the lives of those in her presence to become more POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PASSIONATE! Maggie will customize her topics to suit your audience and workshop needs to their full potential. Check out the lineup below:

Signature Talk Topics:

Are you in a career crisis? Thinking, no, dreaming about changing jobs, companies or careers? Are should I stay or should I go the lyrics for your current earworm? Or does it feel like the choice was or shortly will be made for you? Are you barely surviving the stress of your current career? Do you think work/life balance is a breed of unicorn? There are lot of types of career crises…are you in one?  Your next move should not be in reaction to what got you into your current career crisis, it should be strategically designed to get you where you want to be in the short, medium and long term.

Signature talks/workshops:

  • Is Your Career in Crisis? You Need a Strategy!
  • A New Take on Transferrable Skills – Integrating the Two Halves into a Better You
  • How to Craft Your Strategy in Six Steps

Maggie shares her process of self-discovery for reconnecting with your dreams, talents, health and spirit in order to redefine where you want to go and to begin living your authentic life. Along the way, she also shares some very solid tools to make plans and changes that stick.
Maggie takes you on a journey that is fun, deeply moving and intensely personal, ending up with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for life and all its possibilities. She does it with a style that is engaging, quite funny, yet very practical.

Signature talks/workshops:

  • Is it too Late for Me? Reaching Your Potential Doesn’t Mean Starting Over
  • Create Your Own Personal Change Management Strategy
  • The Psychology of Sticky Notes – Creatively Solve Anything

Are you tired of thinking that you’ve got things under control, you’re finally making the changes you want, you’re on your way….and then BLAM something happens and you are back where you started? It’s another WTF?!? moment, and you are sick of it happening over and over and over again. Look, it isn’t your fault. You have some outdated beliefs. They keep sabotaging and undermining you, without you having a clue that they are even there. If you are bright, but you can’t seem to figure out why this stuff keeps happening, then this is the presentation for you! It’s a fun, funny, serious, deeply personal and powerful conversation, as Maggie leads you through a very clear process understand, find and update the outdated beliefs that are holding you back.

Signature talks/workshops

  • Examine the Evidence: Are Outdated Beliefs Keeping You from Success and Happiness?
  • Escape From Ground Hog Day – Changing Your Patterns
  • SHIFT Happens:  Words, Thoughts, Beliefs and Behavior Can Change Everything

What others are saying…

Maggie Huffman lays out a clear path to getting your thoughts and beliefs straightened out, and she does it in a truly fun and compassionate manner (along with a fair sprinkling of profanity, which makes me love her even more). Time with Maggie is exactly like having a cup of coffee with a wise friend who loves you and won’t put up with your BS because she knows you’re better than that. Her process works, and it can change your life!

— Jill Angie, www.http://notyouraveragerunner.com/

A very authentic, witty way of getting your life in order. We all mess up and we all tend to hang on to the mess-ups for years, not allowing us to move forward. An inspiring motivator,  Maggie makes life look as funny as it truly is with tools to remove one from the negative to the positive.

— Becky Shaffer, http://www.beckyshafferliveinconfidence.com/

Maggie goes after your outdated beliefs with humor, empathy and intellect. She provides an explanation of how beliefs are formed, how they become hidden or outdated, and how they can sabotage your success and happiness. But more important than explanations, she gives you a process and tools so that you can stop the sabotage. You can update your beliefs so that they align with who you really want to be. My favorite line from the book was, “…unusually smart people are really crafty with all this mind business. We learn to trust our brain so completely that we usually forget to question it”.

—Sharon Pope, www.SharonPopeTruth.com

I remember, in college, writing a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was 30. I kept that list until my 30th birthday. Let’s just say, I hadn’t accomplished much from my list. AT ALL. And the realization of this sent me into one hell of a quarter life crisis, where I marinated in a near fatal depression for years. Maggie’s irreverent, smart, non-BS approach to life-navigation is spot on. Thanks to Maggie’s experience and wisdom, change management is not just for big business any more, and that’s a very good thing.

Amy Pearson – Queen of Radical Results, http://www.livebrazen.com


Blogtalk Radio Interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/book-journeys/2016/05/12/ep-143-maggie-huffman-on-achieving-your-potential-and-discarding-beliefs

Transcript: https://theauthorincubator.com/maggie-huffman-book-journeys-author-interview-transcript-may-12-2016/

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